I am with you always until the end of this world - Jesus (Matthew 28:20).

Preach the Word in season and out of season reproving, rebuking or advising always with patience and providing instructions (2 Timothy 4:2).

Do not fear, Mary, for God has looked kindly on you (Luke 1:30).

Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly. - G. K. Chesterton

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Reflections for Saturday February 4; 1st reading 1st Kings 3:4-13

My Reflections:
In our first reading the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream and said: "Ask something of me and I will give it to you." Solomon did not ask for any material things; he instead asked for an understanding heart to judge the people and to distinguish right from wrong. Why did Solomon ask for this wisdom instead of temporary things?

Because the most important things in this world are not those that are seen or perceive by our worldly senses. The most important things are those that are felt by our hearts and minds. It doesn’t matter anymore if we are not rich if we don’t have power. It’s enough that we are able to guide, nurture and mentor those who are in our sphere of influence.

The legacy that lasts is not the structures that we’ve built but the hearts that we've touched and converted.

If the Lord will give us the same opportunity what will we ask from Him? 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Reflections for Thursday February 2, Luke 2:22-40

My Reflections:
Do we always bring our children to church for Mass? Do we present them to the Lord and say: “I offer my child to you take care of him/her.

Because of our busyness and perhaps because we were not brought-up by our parents to be always present at Mass every Sunday. We forget also to bring our children to attend Mass; if this is how we are now we must correct this.

We must first of all bring our children closer to Jesus for the reason that this is our primary duty as parents. We must introduce them to Jesus by reading to them His life in the bible and we must implant in them the habit of regularly reading the bible. 

What will it profit our children if they have the best material things in this world yet they don’t have in their hearts Jesus? Nothing! Just try observing the behavior of a child who is brought-up with the values of Jesus vis-a-vis a child brought-up with the values of this world.

Let us therefore bring our children to the church and let us introduce them to Jesus. ...    

Friday, January 27, 2012

My Reflections for Tuesday January 31, Mark 5: 21-43

My Reflections:
We have two exhibits of rock solid faith in our gospel and both of these two faith exhibits were rewarded by Jesus. Why? Because both of them never gave-up, when those around them were giving up they did not. They believed and persisted and both their belief and persistence were rewarded by Jesus.

What is it that we want from Jesus? Be not afraid simply believe, have faith and persist that you will have it for nothing is impossible with Jesus.

As He said in our gospel for today: “Do not be afraid; just have faith.”

My Reflections for Monday January 30, Mark 5:1-20

My Reflections:
Is there anyone in this world that is more powerful than Jesus? No one, even demons and unclean spirits are afraid of Him. If this is so; how come not everyone of us gravitate towards Him? Because the power of Jesus is not of this world; we normally equate power with position of influence and money.

Does Jesus occupy a position of influence? Does Jesus have money? Jesus has none of these worldly trappings! If we follow Jesus He will dislodge us from our corrupt and worldly comfort zones and we who are already enslaved by this world will not like this.

 Jesus power is something that we feel in our hearts; it is something that He gives us freely and often times something that is not felt and seen by worldly people. No wonder in the gospel after Jesus exorcised the possessed man they immediately asked Him to leave their place.

Let us continue to hunger for Jesus and let us continue to seek Him even if He doesn’t have the temporary influence and power of this world. …

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Reflections for January 29 Fourth Sunday in OT Mark 1:21-28

My Reflections:
A man was trying very hard to straighten his life; he would often say to himself that he would not womanize anymore. But he would always fall down and succumb to the enticement of the devil. This became a vicious cycle for him: He would promise to himself not to offend his wife only to fall once again.

Evil possession is a reality of life it is always there hovering around waiting for the right moment to pounce on us. Evil possession is also not solely limited through diabolical possession. It now hides itself through our ego, high sense of self and through our other undesirable motives, thoughts and actions.

Very clearly we have in the gospel the one who can defeat the devil and it’s no other than Jesus. By His authority Jesus drove out the evil spirit possessing the man. And it is also surprising that the evil spirit knew who Jesus was, this simply means that Jesus was marked as their number one enemy for He alone can defeat them permanently. 

Jesus is still the same today as He was yesterday and as He shall be in the future. The evil spirit still trembles before His presence, He is our sole antidote to Satan’s evil scheming. Let us therefore hear His voice crying out for us and let us not harden our hearts for Him. Instead let us open our hearts to Him. 

Do we hear the voice of Jesus? Do we open our hearts to Him? - Marino J. Dasmarinas1

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Reflections for January 23 Monday Mark 3:22-30

My Reflections:
The least known amongst the three persons in one God is the Holy Spirit. Yet the Holy Spirit is the water that fills and nourishes our empty minds so that we can grow in faith.  The Holy Spirit was the one that empowered Jesus to do miracles, to give life to the weary and hopeless.

This is the same Holy Spirit that impels us now to know more about our faith and to know more about our triune God. This is the same Holy Spirit that advocates for us whenever we are feeling down. The same Holy Spirit that tells and bothers us to make right the many wrongs that we’ve made. And the same Holy Spirit that whispers to us to follow the humility of Jesus.

 Let us invite the Holy Spirit to come into our lives by habitually praying this prayer.
Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love.  Send forth your Spirit and they shall be created. And You shall renew the face of the earth.

Let us pray.

O, God, who by the light of the Holy Spirit, did instruct the hearts of the faithful, grant that by the same Holy Spirit we may be truly wise and ever enjoy His consolations. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Reflections for January 20 Friday Mark 3:13-19

My Reflections:
As a Christian our prime mission is to spread our faith; to share with others what we know through our words and actions.  We may not be faithful with this mission but every now and then God constantly reminds us of this responsibility. That we need to do something in our lifetime to spread our faith; it’s not hard anymore to do this now.

We have the technology at our disposal to make a difference and reach-out with those who are not properly schooled about our faith. We have our family (Our domestic church) to share our faith and we have our extended relatives and close friends to share our faith.   

What have we done so far to be like the apostles who fearlessly shared the faith? Have we led the prayer of the Rosary in our domestic church? Have we invited our dormant catholic family and friends to reignite the fire of their faith by shepherding them to church for Mass?

Have we done something yet? - Marino J. Dasmarinas1

My Reflections for January 19 Thursday, Mark 3:7-12

My Reflections:
We are very proud of posting every achievement that we have and do in our Fb accounts. We post pictures to show-off where we are and what we’ve done so far. We do every conceivable action to proudly tell the world about us.     

How about Jesus? What if He has a facebook account? Will He be posting every miracle that He does in His facebook’s status update? No! Jesus will never ever post anything that will publicize His miracles and kindness. The more that His actions are unknown the more the He likes it, the more that He is not given credit the more that He likes it.

This is attributed to Jesus’ Humility and Self-effacing behavior. Let us therefore forget about prestige and honor and let us not fret if we are not given honor for the things that we do. It’s already enough that we do silent acts of kindness with no one noticing it except Jesus.  

Have we thought of emulating the humility and self-effacing attitude of Jesus? - Marino J. Dasmarinas1

Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Reflections for January 18 Wednesday Mark 3:1-6

My Reflections:
Jesus is a healer and His healing power is not bounded by anything be it criticism by His perceived enemies. His healing power is not solely restricted with physical healing; He heals us more spiritually and emotionally. 

But Jesus requires something from us also and that is our faith in Him. Just like the faith of David when he defeated  Goliath. The same faith also of the man with a withered hand that was cured by Jesus on the Sabbath.

Let us hold on to Jesus with faith no matter how hazy the horizon that is in-front of us now. - Marino J. Dasmarinas1 

Friday, January 13, 2012

My Reflections for January 15 Feast of the Sto. Nino Mark 10:13-16

My Reflections:
Who are the main formators of children? Of course it’s the parents, from  parents  children learn the basic Christian values. Such as love for God, Humility, Obedience and other values. Children learn almost everything from their parents. 

Therefore virtues such as these are something that is taught by  parents to their children. What is taught by the parents is imbibed by their children. What is observed from the parents is copied by children.

For example if children are taught by their parents about love for God and humility and these teachings are also lived or practiced by parents. It’s no brainer that they will grow-up practicing these virtues until the end of their lives. If children are taught arrogance and they observe this also from their parents it's a cinch that the same thing will happen they will also be arrogant.    

Therefore the mind of a child is fertile soil for inculcation of proper Christian values by their elders specifically their parents.

In our gospel we have people (most probably parents) bringing children to Jesus. These people were trying to inculcate into the minds of the children that it is a must that they go to Jesus. Which is always the right thing to do but the disciples prevented them and Jesus saw this thus He got angry. And he told the disciples to let the children come to Him then He embraced and afterwards blessed them by placing His hands on them.

As we celebrate the feast of Sto. Nino let us not forget that upon our hands rest the future of children that Jesus’ loves so dearly. We are the prime formators of our children and the very first formation that we much teach our children is the love for Jesus. Let us bring them always to Jesus for Jesus loves them dearly even more than we love them.

Do we teach our children to love Jesus? Do we bring them to Jesus? Do we teach them to pray to Jesus?  

Monday, January 2, 2012

My Reflections for January 6 Friday Luke 3:23-38

My Reflections:
Death is a unifying factor in the family for example during wake. We will be introduced to relatives whom we have never seen in our entire lives. Then we normally talk with them; through this we will be able to trace how we are intricately connected.

As we talk with our relatives let us take this opportunity to get to know them better. Let us be nice and helpful towards them and let us humble ourselves before them.  

Who knows with these behaviors we might be the instruments for them to get closer to Jesus. …