I am with you always until the end of this world - Jesus (Matthew 28:20).

Preach the Word in season and out of season reproving, rebuking or advising always with patience and providing instructions (2 Timothy 4:2).

Preach the gospel at all times use words if necessary. - St. Francis of Asisi

Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly. - G. K. Chesterton

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Reflection for Wednesday September 24, Twenty-fifth Week in Ordinary Time; Luke 9:1-6

Gospel: Luke 9:1-6
Jesus summoned the Twelve and gave them power and authority over all demons and to cure diseases, and he sent them to proclaim the Kingdom of God and to heal the sick. He said to them, “Take nothing for the journey, neither walking stick, nor sack, nor food, nor money, and let no one take a second tunic. Whatever house you enter, stay there and leave from there. And as for those who do not welcome you, when you leave that town, shake the dust from your feet in testimony against them.” Then they set out and went from village to village proclaiming the Good News and curing diseases everywhere.
+ + + + +  + +
How do you live in this world? Do you live with your trust and confidence in Jesus or you are living with your trust on yourself and in this world?

When Jesus sent the twelve apostles to their mission of evangelization He told them this: “Take nothing for the journey, neither walking stick, nor sack, nor food, nor money, and let no one take a second tunic (Luke 9:3). What does this very important statement of Jesus imply to the apostles? Jesus in essence was telling the apostles, rely on no one but me for I will provide for all of your needs!

Did they rely on Jesus? Yes of course except for Judas Iscariot who betrayed Him. The eleven of them relied on Jesus that’s why they were very successful in their mission of evangelization. Many of them even gave their lives for their mission and reliance for Jesus.

This is a good point of reflection for all of us as we continue our journey in this fleeting world. To whom do we rest our lives in this world? Do we rest it on Jesus or we rest it on this world and ourselves. Many of us continue to work so hard to accumulate temporal things. There are even some of us or many of us who even work during Sundays so that we could have what we want. In exchange for what, our worship for God at Holy Mass?

Reliance on material things of this world will bring us only to emptiness. Even if we accumulate all of the material things of this world we would still not be happy we would still have this very deep feeling of void. What if we rely on Jesus? Then we are already complete and we are the happiest and most contented person in this world.  For the simple reason that Jesus is more than enough than any material thing/s of this world.    

We cannot bring to the next life the worldly things that we rely on this world. But if we rely on Jesus if we rest our lives in Him this would assure us of eternal life in heaven with Jesus. 

To whom do you rely? - Marino J. Dasmarinas

Reflection for Tuesday September 23, Saint Pius of Pietrelcina, Priest; Luke 8:19-21

Gospel: Luke 8:19-21
The mother of Jesus and his brothers came to him but were unable to join him because of the crowd. He was told, “Your mother and your brothers are standing outside and they wish to see you.” He said to them in reply, “My mother and my brothers are those who hear the word of God and act on it.”
+ + + + +  + +
Who would not want to become a relative of Jesus? Of course we all want to become His relatives. But Jesus has one important requirement for all of us so that we could become His relatives: Hear His word/s and act on it (Luke 8:21).

Do we hear the word of God and act upon it? For example the commandment of Jesus to love our enemies and to do good to those who hurt us (Matthew 5:44). Do we love our enemies and do good to them?  Or we immediately follow our natural instinct not to love those who don’t love us and hurt those who hurt us.

But what would happen if we follow our selfish human instinct? There would be more hatred and hurt, more walls than bridges. Mahatma Gandhi once said: An Eye for an eye would only make the whole world blind.

It’s not easy to become a relative of Jesus if we put so much value to ourselves. If we look at ourselves so highly and we immediately despise those who’ve hurt and disrespected us. But Jesus himself has forgiven those who’ve hurt, persecuted and killed Him.   

Though it’s difficult to become a relative of Jesus for it requires humility and forgetting of ourselves. Nevertheless we must aspire to become a relative of Jesus and not aspire to become a lover of our egos and high sense of ourselves – Marino J. Dasmarinas

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Reflection for Monday September 22, Twenty-fifth Week in Ordinary Time; Luke 8:16-18

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Gospel: Luke 8:16-18
Jesus said to the crowd: No one who lights a lamp conceals it with a vessel or sets it under a bed; rather, he places it on a lampstand so that those who enter may see the light. For there is nothing hidden that will not become visible, and nothing secret that will not be known and come to light. Take care, then, how you hear. To anyone who has, more will be given, and from the one who has not, even what he seems to have will be taken away.”
+ + + + +  + +
What is our mandate as baptized followers of Jesus? It’s to share in the ministry of evangelization of Jesus, this means that whatever we know about our catholic faith we must learn to share. So that our faith would continue to grow and prosper and in the process we save more lives and we give spiritual direction and substance to others lives.

In the midst of this world darkened by sin we should be like the lighted lamp that is placed on a lampstand that Jesus mentions in our gospel for today. We light this darkened world with the teaching of Jesus we light this darkened world by living our lives the way Jesus wants us to live it.

Just imagine a family that does not talk about Jesus. This means that they do not know Jesus and it’s safe to assume that the same family does not go to church or seldom goes to church for Holy Mass. What will happen to this kind of family? This is where the critical role of parents comes-in as bearers of the light of Jesus.

As much as possible parents must take advantage of the docility of their children  by giving and teaching them Jesus. Just imagine the life a child being lighted by Jesus as he/she grows. This means that this child is brought to Holy Mass by his/her parents. This means that the same child is introduce to Jesus by His life in the bible. And this means that this child is being lighted by the teachings of Jesus and the church. 

This kind of child will never go wrong as he/she grows-up.  This kind of family will have no fear as it journeys through life because the light of Jesus is with them.

Do you still share the light of Jesus to the internet savvy children of today? Is the lamp of Jesus always aflame in your family? - Marino J. Dasmarinas

Reflection for Sunday September 21, Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time; Matthew 20:1-16a

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Gospel: Matthew 20:1-16
(Jesus told his disciples this parable) 1 The kingdom of Heaven is like a landowner going out at daybreak to hire workers for his vineyard. 2 He made an agreement with the workers for one denarius a day and sent them to his vineyard. 3 Going out at about the third hour he saw others standing idle in the market place 4 and said to them, "You go to my vineyard too and I will give you a fair wage." 5 So they went. At about the sixth hour and again at about the ninth hour, he went out and did the same. 6 Then at about the eleventh hour he went out and found more men standing around, and he said to them, "Why have you been standing here idle all day?" 7 "Because no one has hired us," they answered. He said to them, "You go into my vineyard too."

8 In the evening, the owner of the vineyard said to his bailiff, "Call the workers and pay them their wages, starting with the last arrivals and ending with the first." 9 So those who were hired at about the eleventh hour came forward and received one denarius each. 10 When the first came, they expected to get more, but they too received one denarius each. 11 They took it, but grumbled at the landowner saying, 12 "The men who came last have done only one hour, and you have treated them the same as us, though we have done a heavy day's work in all the heat." 13 He answered one of them and said, "My friend, I am not being unjust to you; did we not agree on one denarius? 14 Take your earnings and go. I choose to pay the lastcomer as much as I pay you. 15 Have I no right to do what I like with my own? Why should you be envious because I am generous?"  16 Thus the last will be first, and the first, last.'
+ + + + + + +
Can we measure the breadth and width of God’s love for us? No, because God’s love for us is not bound by any form of measurement. God loves us infinitely no matter who we are and no matter the sins that we have committed.

The landowner in our gospel which represents God solicitously invited in so many instances workers to work in His vineyard. He did not care about the time that they present themselves for work what was important for God was they respond to His invitation to work for Him in His vineyard.

The love of God for us is so immense that He wants us to go to Him irrespective of who we are. He continuously invites us to a new life with Him. We are precious to God we are dearly loved by God that’s why His invitation is always there for us, it’s ours to take anytime!

Many of us may say that we are not anymore worthy of this immense love of God because of our sinfulness. No, the more sinful we are the more that we become worthy of this great love of God. We must therefore respond to this invitation of God for us to go to His vineyard so that we could renew our lives and walk away from all of our sinfulness.

Will you respond to this invitation of God? - Marino J. Dasmarinas

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Reflection for Saturday September 20, Saint Andrew Kim Tae-gŏn, Priest, and Paul Chŏng Ha-sang, and Companions, Martyrs; Luke 8:4-15

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Gospel: Luke 8:4-15
4 When a large crowd gathered, with people from one town after another journeying to him, he spoke in a parable. 5 “A sower went out to sow his seed. And as he sowed, some seed fell on the path and was trampled, and the birds of the sky ate it up. 6 Some seed fell on rocky ground, and when it grew, it withered for lack of moisture. 7 Some seed fell among thorns, and the thorns grew with it and choked it. 8 And some seed fell on good soil, and when it grew, it produced fruit a hundredfold.” After saying this, he called out, “Whoever has ears to hear ought to hear.

9 Then his disciples asked him what the meaning of this parable might be. 10 He answered, “Knowledge of the mysteries of the kingdom of God has been granted to you; but to the rest, they are made known through parables so that ‘they may look but not see, and hear but not understand.’ 11 “This is the meaning of the parable. The seed is the word of God. 12 Those on the path are the ones who have heard, but the devil comes and takes away the word from their hearts that they may not believe and be saved. 13 Those on rocky ground are the ones who, when they hear, receive the word with joy, but they have no root; they believe only for a time and fall away in time of trial. 14 As for the seed that fell among thorns, they are the ones who have heard, but as they go along, they are choked by the anxieties and riches and pleasures of life, and they fail to produce mature fruit. 15 But as for the seed that fell on rich soil, they are the ones who, when they have heard the word, embrace it with a generous and good heart, and bear fruit through perseverance.
+ + + + +  + +
How do you receive the word of God that you read and hear? For example when you read the words of Jesus in  the bible, do you reflect upon it, discern it and then share it? Or you just read it and then it ends there nothing eventful with your reading of the words of God. 

How do you react when you hear the words of God proclaimed during Holy Mass? Do you allow yourself to be moved by it? That it immediately stirs you to do good and live your faith so that you could make a positive Impact on the lives of your fellowmen.

Jesus words is the seeds that He plants in our hearts and Jesus expectation is always for us to be fruit bearing followers. Where others could learn about Jesus and our faith from us. We must not allow ourselves to become followers in name only who simply absorb the words of God and do nothing. - Marino J. Dasmarinas

Reflection for Friday September 19, Twenty-fourth Week in Ordinary Time; Luke 8:1-3

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Gospel: Luke 8:1-3
1 Afterward he (Jesus) journeyed from one town and village to another, preaching and proclaiming the good news of the kingdom of God. Accompanying him were the Twelve 2 and some women who had been cured of evil spirits and infirmities, Mary, called Magdalene, from whom seven demons had gone out, 3 Joanna, the wife of Herod’s steward Chuza, Susanna, and many others who provided for them out of their resources.
+ + + + +  + +
Have you already preached or even shared the good news about Jesus? The gospel for this Friday opens our eyes to the preaching ministry of Jesus. Have you shared Jesus? For example through your life, through actual preaching or sharing or even writing on the internet anything that deals about Jesus.

An active follower is not ashamed to share Jesus, he/she find ways and means to share the teachings of Jesus. Let us reflect on this for we may have not yet shared Jesus or yes we have already shared Jesus but we don’t actually live what we have shared or preached about Jesus.

Be not be afraid to share Jesus for by sharing Jesus you straighten crooked lives. By sharing Jesus you are able to give hope to the hopeless and by sharing Jesus you save lives. Jesus is alive and kicking up to this very moment for He dwells in your heart.

It is therefore incumbent upon you to share this living Jesus and to let others know how Jesus continuously creates miracles in your daily life. So that they would also be transformed by Jesus the same way that Jesus is continuously transforming you up to this very hour.

Have you already preached or even shared the good news about Jesus? - Marino J. Dasmarinas