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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Reunion/Originally Posted on April 30, 2007

April 29, was a day to remember. We went to Moonwalk Las Piñas to attend the get together sponsored by Auntie Elsa. We went there for no other reason but to renew acquaintance with our relatives.

Upon arrival we were immediately ushered to the dining table and there we got our food. Then with our plates full, we joined our relatives in the veranda and slowly we eat and conversed with them as well. As the night was maturing the Karaoke music was also being kept busy by my relatives, all kinds of songs were being played and it was music to my ears to listen to them, although some of them were mangling the lyrics.

On our table I was busy eating pulutan, and I had a few shots of Red wine while at the same time silently listening to the friendly arguments of my relatives. The topics of the debates was varied: from the current slump of Miami Heat, an NBA team with superstar players like Shaq Oneil and Dwayne Wade being overpowered by the relatively young team of the Chicago bulls to the current political situation of our beloved province in Motiong Samar.

After a long while it was time to go home, we were given our presents directly brought in from the USA by Auntie Elsa...

As we were cruising home I was on a reflective mode... once in a while it's good to have this Reunion because it always reminds us of our older relatives who has made a difference in our lives...

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