I am with you always until the end of this world - Jesus (Matthew 28:20).

Preach the Word in season and out of season reproving, rebuking or advising always with patience and providing instructions (2 Timothy 4:2).

Do not fear, Mary, for God has looked kindly on you (Luke 1:30).

Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly. - G. K. Chesterton

Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Reflections for Monday February 20, Mark 9:14-29

My Reflections:
By their lack of faith the disciples were not able to cast out the mute spirit that possessed the boy. Add to that was their lack of prayer also; thus Jesus admonished them for this deficiency.

A life of faith and prayer is a must for all of us who are followers of Jesus. But how do we define or exercise faith? Faith is when you believe in something even if others do not, faith is something that we hold-on until the very end. And what is the fuel of our faith? It’s our active prayer life! We pray orally, we pray from the depths our hearts spontaneously and we pray with the church when we attend Mass.

Let us not try not to pray because not only that we will lose our faith. We will also lose our moral balance to discern what is wrong from right.

Let us at all times give priority to our constant prayer life for this is the fire of our faith and this is also our hotline to Jesus.    

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