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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Gospel Reflections for Sunday November 27 First Sunday of Advent: Mark 13:33-37

My Reflections:
During the medieval period wherein kingdom and royalty were the ruling power. Whenever there is a threat of invasion the kingdom who is under threat would position soldiers miles away outside of its kingdom to spot the incoming enemy. Once they see the incoming threat they would blow horns or they would shout loudly to alert their kingdom’s soldiers about the coming invaders. Therefore the soldiers would be able to prepare their war equipments and properly defend their kingdom.

Today is the first Sunday of Advent which means coming this is a time of expectation for the coming birth of Jesus. Unlike the soldiers in the middle ages who prepared for the coming of their invaders.  Advent reminds us that we need to prepare for the coming of the savior who gave His life for our sake. 

How are we preparing for His coming? Is it a preparation that involves material things? If this is so, then Jesus wants us to dig deeper in to our spiritual lives for this is the proper preparation for His coming. We need no material things to prepare we just need to be sacramentally prepared by humbly submitting ourselves to the Sacrament of Confession. We need no material things we just need to do Corporal and Spiritual acts of mercy and these to me is already enough preparation for His coming. The context of the gospel for this first Sunday of Advent is Jesus’ exhortation for the disciples to be alert and watchful for they do not know when the end may come.

Unlike the disciples who doesn’t know the coming of the end times. We all know what we are preparing for this Advent and that is the forthcoming birth of Jesus. But even if we know the date of His birth we still need to be watchful and alert. Because we need now more than ever to focus our attention with Jesus to prepare ourselves for His coming birth.

The true meaning of Christmas is slowly being battered by materialism; try talking to children and ask them about Christmas. Chances are that they may talk about gifts and other material expectations. Try asking adults who are feeble with their faith they may not be able to identify the true meaning of Christmas. We must be watchful and alert with this slow erosion of the true value of Christ's birth.

On this first Sunday of Advent let us make every effort to bring back the truest meaning of Christmas and that is the coming birth of Jesus our savior. …    

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