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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Gospel Reflections for 33rd Sunday in OT, November 13: Matthew 25:14-30

My Reflections:
Very recently a talented inventor passed away; he was praised by the world for his contribution to the advancement of cutting edge computer technology. He used his talent to the fullest extent to feed the technology cravings of this world. I just don’t know if he used a part of his talent to advance the kingdom of God.

We all have talent/s that God has given us that is why we sometimes say this statement to our friends: You have a God given talent. However, we oftentimes selfishly use this talent to advance our own agendas such as to increase our wealth and status in life. There is nothing wrong with this kind of usage of our talents for we are humans. As such our tendency is to grow and nurture this talent/s to feed our human needs.

But Jesus gives us another purview on how to use the talent/s that He gave us by way of the parable of the talents in our gospel. He tells a parable of a master who went on a journey but before proceeding he called his three servants and he entrusted them his wealth. To one he gave five talents; to another, two; to a third, one after which he proceeded with his journey.

After a period of time the master came home and he called the three servants so that he can be updated on what they’ve done with the talent/s that he entrusted them. We all know what happened; the first two were very enterprising for they were able to multiply the talents entrusted to them.

But the servant who was entrusted with one talent was not as enterprising as the two. Out of fear for his master he instead buried the one talent that was entrusted to him. Naturally the master was furious with this unproductive servant and we know already what happened to this unproductive servant.

There is no question that Jesus has given us talent/s and we have already used it to advance our own well being for example, to have a good and comfortable life. I think it’s about time now that we use this/these God given talent/s to help Jesus advance His kingdom in this world.

Let us not fear nor doubt if we are not that talented.  Jesus is simply asking us to move and put to good use the talents that He gave us. …

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