I am with you always until the end of this world - Jesus (Matthew 28:20).

Preach the Word in season and out of season reproving, rebuking or advising always with patience and providing instructions (2 Timothy 4:2).

Do not fear, Mary, for God has looked kindly on you (Luke 1:30).

Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly. - G. K. Chesterton

Friday, June 17, 2011

My Gospel Reflections for Sunday June 19 Solemnity of the Blessed Trinity: John 3:16-18

My Reflections:
Can we fathom the mystery of the Blessed Trinity? No we cannot it is beyond our human understanding to comprehend the mystery of these three persons in one God.

As we journey with our catholic faith we will be introduced to mysterious dogmas/doctrines such as the Blessed Trinity. That no matter how hard we try to understand it we will not be able to comprehend it and this is part of the mystery of our catholic faith. That’s why for us to further grow in our catholic faith we must always journey with our faith and not with our sight.

The Blessed Trinity is the mysterious fusion of Father God the creator (Genesis 1:31-2:4), God the Son that is Jesus (Luke 3:22) and God the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:1-4).
What is the binding agent that mysteriously put together these three persons to become one God? It’s their purest form of Agape Love these three were selfless in their love for each other. They are also the best model of humility for the reason that there’s no form of ego amongst them, this is primarily the reason why they were able to fuse flawlessly.
The challenge before us is this: We must exercise love towards our fellowmen as the Three Devine Persons exercised love for us and amongst themselves. We must be humble as the Three Devine persons are all humble. …

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