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Friday, November 26, 2010

My Gospel Reflections for November 28, First Sunday of Advent: Matthew 24:37-44

My Reflections:
Today is the first Sunday of Advent, on this season we prepare for the coming of our Savior who will be born in a very modest manner. He was the son of God yet He chose to be born simple without any signs of His greatness.

Today majority of us are so busy with our worldly activities: busy to earn a living, busy with daily affairs of life, busy with planning on how to celebrate our birthdays/parties and the like. We are always very busy that we neglect the more important side of our lives that is our own spirituality. Our own relationship with our God, where are we now as far as our relationship with Jesus is concerned? This season of Advent is an appropriate time for us to evaluate if we are ready for the coming of our Lord.

There is a story of a mother who was always busy earning a living that she made it her top priority. On the average she devotes twelve to sixteen hours to her work that she has no more enough time for her family. She goes to work even during Sundays which we normally devote to family and God.

Twenty years after, her children were not able to finish their college, they married early and had no work that they are still depending on her. This is what happen when we fail to spiritually prepare our family, we when don’t spend enough time with them and when we neglect to imbue them the values of God.

What is the relevance of this story with the season of Advent? Advent is preparation for the birth of Jesus. Are we still excited for His coming birth this Christmas or we just treat it as how business people treat it?

For some business people Christmas is not anymore about the birth Jesus. For them Christmas is all about money how they can sell more goods and then go to the bank to further fatten their bank accounts. They already forget that Advent is about the preparation of the coming birth of our savior. So what happens when we have people who are driven by money and not by the spirituality of God? There’s chaos and problem in our respective families and in our society at large. There’s even a sudden surge of crimes during advent season for the simple reason that we are slowly easing out its true meaning and spirituality.

As we start the Advent season let us have the right preparation for His coming; let us not be overly concerned about the material and commercial things of the Advent season.

Let us rather focus our attention with the true reason of the season of Advent: that is the birth of our Lord and Savior. …   

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