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Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Reflections for Sunday December 16, Third Sunday of Advent, Luke 3:10-18

Original post: 12-15-12

(2) My Reflections:
If we will try to ask kids as to what is Christmas for them perhaps majority of them will answer Christmas is about the gifts that they shall be receiving. Christmas is about Santa Clause and the gifts that he will be giving them. Even if they are wrong I think that is understandable being kids their focus is on the material side of life. However we must also slowly point out to them the real essence of Christmas. And that is the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

In our gospel for this third Sunday of advent John gives us another angle about Christmas that we must seriously look into. When John was asked by the crowd; “What should we do”? John told them share your cloaks and your food. Then he told the taxmen stop collecting more than what is prescribed; stop being extortionists and be satisfied with your wages.

Through his actions and words John is telling us that Christmas is not all about the material things of this world. For John Christmas is about giving and sharing, especially to those who are poor which cannot repay our generosity. For John Christmas is about repentance and changing our ways for the better. That’s why he said to the taxmen and the soldiers: “Stop your extortions and be satisfied with your wages.”

In fact John is indirectly telling us not to focus on the material things; he tells us to focus on something that is much deeper and that is the birth of Jesus our messiah.

This consumer driven world is slowly taking from us the true essence of Christmas we must not allow it to succeed. We must focus our attention on Jesus and His selfless actions. This is the true spirit of Christmas that John wants us all to live and imbibe. …

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