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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Auntie Gilda and the Sacraments of: Reconciliation, Confession & Anointing of the Sick

Last July 23 around 11:30 pm, I got a call from auntie Eden and this is what she told me, " Bong we're here in your auntie Gilda's house and she is very sick," then she asked me if I can gave her the Sacrament of Holy Communion the following morning. I said I cannot because my authority as a Lay Minister of the Holy Communion is only confined to our Parish and aside from that before I give this Sacrament there must be a delegation from our Parish Priest. So she said Ok and it ended our conversation.

After about 5 minutes of thinking about the phone call, I told myself they called on me because they taught that in that dire situation I can be of help to them. I called them back and told them that if they think that Auntie Gilda's situation is dangerous, they must call a Priest immediately so that she can be given the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick and if possible the Sacraments of Communion and Confession. Auntie Eden told me that they cannot go to the Church because it was already past midnight and the Priest is already sound asleep. I told them they should just go and knock on the Church, who knows somebody might wake-up and tell them the predicament that they were in. I further told them that if they think that she will still be Ok until the next morning, I will just take care of everything I'll attend first the 6:00 am Mass at our Church then, I'll consult our Priest on what to do. They told me that they'll just wait for me in the morning. I tried to sleep immediately but I wasn't able to do so. Finally, I retired exactly 3:00 am.

I woke-up 4:45 am, I prepared breakfast for my wife then, off to the church. I first went to the Perpetual Adoration Chapel after 15 mins. I went to the church to hear Mass. I only had one fervent prayer, that God will give me a Priest in Las Piñas so that Auntie Gilda will recieve the three Sacraments, After the Mass I briefly spoke with our Priest.

Around 8:00 am, I left Carmona for Las PIñas I arrived in the Hospital 10:00. I went immediately to her room and saw her lying on her bed & resting. I approached her and told her that I am going to call a Priest so that she can have the Sacraments of Confession, Communion & Anointing of the Sick and she said yes!

I went to the Parish Office of Moowalk Village and inquired if they have an available Priest. The secretary told me that there is a Priest, I filled-up a form. After a few minutes the amiable Thai Priest named Father Joseph came out. I blessed his hand introduced myself as a Eucharistic Minister and we went to the Hospital.

Upon arriving on her room Fr. Joseph introduced himself and wore his Sutanna & Stole. He asked us to go out of the room because he's going to hear the Confession of Auntie Gilda. After the confession he called us back and told me to participate in the prayers and during the Communion I will be the one who will give the Communion to her. I said yes! So he gave me the Body of Chirst neatly secured inside the Corporal. After the prayers were said. I gave her the Body of Christ afterwards the Priest anointed her with Holy Oil.

I gave the Priest his stipend and accompanied him back to the Church, I said thank you very much! He said welcome, no problem it's part of my Vocation.

I arrived home around 6:30 pm, tired but fulfilled because I was able to Live my Faith....

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